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Joe, Formerly Homeless, Helps Deliver Socks

Last night my friend Joe helped me deliver socks. He was formerly homeless and has now turned his life around. He can tell you from experience how very important it is to have a new pair of warm socks on your feet. The homeless do a lot of walking and socks don't last forever. Even with warm weather coming, socks are so important to the health of your feet, especially when your feet sweat and they are inside of a hot shoe or boot. It can be downright painful and cause blisters. Here is a picture of Joe with the statue of Homeless Jesus which is located at St. Francis Church on 31st. There is a whole homeless village on the street and it breaks my heart every time I go there.

- Lori

(originally posted to the Socks for Homeless Soles Facebook page on April 12th, 2017)

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