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How We Got Our Start

We received a comment on Facebook asking how we got started - it started when I went with my friend Sue to give blankets to people we saw sleeping on the street. After talking to them, they would ask for socks. I then found out that socks are the most needed but least donated item of clothing. As I am in the city alot, I have a trained eye after all these years for the homeless. Mostly you can find them near a church, mostly after dark. Basically I just drive around and when I see someone, I stop, I get out and I always announce myself before I get too close as I don't want to scare them. I just say "i'm just dropping off some socks" and most of the times they are awake and say thank you but if they are sleeping, I just leave them next to their stuff. I have my regulars now and believe it or not, their stuff gets stolen all the time . I usually drive from the GWB down to the East Village.

- Lori

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