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Everyone Deserves a Helping Hand

Sometimes when I see someone sitting on the corner with a cup asking for money I wonder if they are really homeless or just looking for a quick fix. But then I say to myself, they are obviously in some sort of situation which put them in the position to beg so why not try and help them anyway. Last night I sat and watched a woman ask everyone that walked by her for money and most of the people did stop and give her something. I went in the back of my car and took out some socks and started walking towards her, ready with my answer of "i have no cash" when she asked me for money, but she didn't ask me. It was strange. She asked everyone else but not me. I walked up to her and said "do you need socks" and she screamed "OMG YES thank you thank you thank you thank you" This is how important socks are to the people living on the street. They really truly appreciate them. So to all of you who have donated, THANK YOU! and to all who will donate in the future THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

- Lori

(originally posted to the Socks for Homeless Soles Facebook page on January 17th, 2016)

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