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Checking Our Privilege

I'm sitting here in my warm kitchen, saying "I'm freezing" over and over again. How many times do we hear ourselves say "I'm freezing" when we're just a little chilly? The homeless really ARE freezing. Take the feeling I have right now and mulitply it by like 50. That's how they feel every night out on the cold hard streets of NYC. Please message me if you have any sock donations you would me to pick up. If anyone reading this has a business in Passaic County and would allow me to put a collection box at your place of business please let me know. Let's help make the homeless a little more comfortable by keeping their feet warm. "Socks are the most wanted, least donated item of clothing" Let's change that.

- Lori

(originally posted to the Socks for Homeless Soles Facebook page on October 26th, 2016)

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