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How YOU Can Help!


Make a Donation

  We are always accepting donations here at Socks for Homeless Soles. The number one item we are looking for is - you guessed it - SOCKS!

  How can YOU donate? Simple! You can buy brand-new packs of socks, collect sock donations from friends and family, or even set up a collection box in your local community. Once you have collected your socks, reach out to us via our contact form or send us an email at and we will coordinate a pick up or drop off to collect your donations! 

A lot of folks request plain white socks, so at the moment that would be the best kind of sock to donate.

  We also accept financial donations to help with costs of transportation, occasional food and treats for our homeless friends, and sock purchases, so if you would like to send a monetary contribution please reach out as well!

**Please note that while we do prefer new, unopened packaged socks, if you have very lightly worn/previously opened socks, we can accept those as well!**

Spread the Word

  Please share our mission and spread the word about the work we do to your friends, family, community - you never know who it may reach and how much it could help!

  We are a very small team of dedicated women, who just have a passion for helping those in need. One of the easiest ways to support us is to give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and tell other folks about us! The more people we reach & the more donations we receive, we can help so many more homeless folks who are stuck out on the streets. 


  Most importantly - if you know someone who is experiencing homelessness or you are experiencing homelessness yourself and would like to be added into our weekly Sock Run rotation, please contact us.

  We always have time for more stops on our route, and we always have socks to give!

  We believe everyone has a right to health and safety - and the little things, like a clean pair of socks on their feet. 

Follow us on Instagram:  @socksforhomelesssoles

Like us on Facebook: Socks for Homeless Soles

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